Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Freebies

Lately my posts in my Simple Living Blog have taken over my time. I find it ironic that both of my blogs could technically be intertwined. I did want to write about a few of the freebies that Hubby and I have gotten this month as I feel we are very fortunate.

1. Food at work – It seems like almost one day per week this month I have gotten free food from work. Anything from the free donut to a gourmet roast beef sandwich on home made bread. I’m grateful for all of these snacks as they allow me to save my lunch for another day.

2. Off of a Curb Alert on our local freecycle group, I was able to get a cd player/record player in mint condition. It is in a vintage style cabinet. My mom was thrilled. I also got 5 NWT tank tops, 2 ET books for my mom’s friend, and an over flowing bag of new Beauty Control Products. My neighbor got a ton of stuff at this house as well.

3. We found a dresser on the side of the road. It is a dark, old world style that will fit wonderfully in our vardo. It is also solid wood and much nicer that we could have afforded to purchase at this time.

4. Hubby was given permission to get an old door from his work for our vardo. By not purchasing a new door, we saved $80.

5. Hubby found a set of Mickey Mouse curtain hooks at work.

6. I received $30 in cash from a survey.

7. I got 3 pairs of leggings to wear under my garb at events for $1.50. This is well below retail cost for one pair! At the same sale, I got a brand new tshirt for hubby for 50 cents.

8. This last one happened in December but I’m really reaping the benefits from it now. I was given a lot of books off of a FSOT site locally. I have been reading books from that group of books. When I finish with them, I will trade them for more books to my liking. It is helping me to achieve my goal of 55 books this year while not buying books. **The library in my town is not very up to date.**

Tell me about YOUR January freebies!!!