Monday, February 02, 2009

This, That, and The Other

Another week has passed and while we did not get rid of many items this week, a few were moved out the door. Our total for the first month of 2009 is 446 items!

Getting rid of things makes our lives more simple. I find that I am finding more time for my creative endeavors. There is nothing in the way of my art now. This is a good thing!

Speaking of art, I've joined up with the iCiNG Transformation Challenge. My goals for the month of February are:

  1. Daily Exercise: I'm hoping that physical activity will help me. I have FMS that is pretty bad and I've been told that at least stretching would help. I am willing to take on this experiement for one month just to find out.
  2. Daily Creativity: This is to be done in any form. I can create a desert or a creative journal page. I can make runes or work on digital photography. Whatever it is, I must be willing to put the creativity first instead of putting it on hold for everything else in my life.

Perhaps you'd like to come join in the fun?