Monday, June 25, 2012


Jeremy drives an 18 wheeler over the road & is out for 8 to 10 days at a time with his new company.  These new home times and a larger refrigerator in his truck mean that he is able to eat more meals in the truck.  This saves a TON because 2 to 3 meals out each day, mostly at a truck stop, add up to big bucks quick!

I'm going to start cooking daily (something I don't do since it is just me at home - I tend to eat the leftovers from a meal for days before cooking again) and freezing a portion or two for him.  We have a vacuum sealer and plan to borrow a single electric burner from J's dad so the initial expenses won't be very high.

This week he did store bought "heat and eat" kind of meals just to test things out.  He enjoyed the meals but they are expensive and are full of sodium and other things he really does not need in his diet.  We're hoping that making these meals will allow for some savings in our budget.

Forgive me...

I know I've not been posting.  I really want to.  My life has just been a little on the chaotic side.  Jeremy was working for someone (contract labor) and they did not pay him for 3 weeks before he quit.  It took another 2 weeks after he started his new job before his first payday.  In all, we went 6 weeks without any income.  This depleated our savings and if it weren't for my family we'd be even deeper in debt.

We're on the right track again.  I'm able to pay my parents back at a reasonable rate each week and still start putting some money into our savings.

Instead of posting and working through some of the problems, I hid.  I tend to do that...I'm like a turtle hiding in my shell.

Anyway, I'm back and ready to start posting again.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Food Waste Friday

This week we had a bowl of mashed potatoes that inadvertently got left out of the fridge.   Other wise, my beloved has been home all week and has taken care of the leftovers.  Next week, we'll be back to "normal" with photos and all.

Don't You Hate...

...when life throws you a curve ball and you are left floundering?  Yeah, that has been me the last few weeks.

Life is getting back on an even keel.  I'll be back posting this coming week.