Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feeling Not So Frugal

I don’t feel that our frugal lifestyle is going ALL that great. No, we are not spending excess money on frivolous things. Nor are we buying tons of things for the vardo. We are actually doing a lot of reusing of items that were headed for the trash. However, regardless of how much we have saved on the project, we have still spent quite a bit.

I have to look at the big picture and know that while we’ve got about $1000 invested in the vardo, it really is worth nearly 35 times that since they run about $35 to $40,000! I need to remember that this investment will last us a good many years and could easily be sold if need be.

With all of these positives, why do I feel so crappy?

It scares me to have very little extra cash. We had to pay our house taxes today and that was $1,100. I took it out of savings and that leaves $0 available for emergencies. We have $550 in there but we are changed if it gets below $500. Therefore, I consider $500 as a -0- balance.

Our checking account looks equally as dismal. The only thing making our vacation possible is the $250 piece of armour that my husband will be selling when we get there (he already has a buyer) and the $175 I will receive from my “job” at war.

Once we get back home, we can tighten up our “thrift belts” and start saving again. Spring is coming up and that means that Hubbyman will be able to get side jobs quite easily. That money will go to pay off credit cards and build up our meager savings account.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful that we have what we have. It makes me feel good to know that we are more fortunate than many people out there.

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