Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think I may have loosened my thrift belt a little TOO much this past few weeks with the kids here.

Our utility bill came. Gas & electricity for the month was $203! I know that it has been a hot summer but that is crazy! I need to see about getting a few things in order so that our bill is not that high again.

One thing I want is a timer for showers. I would like everyone to take 7 minute or less showers. The kids are taking 20 minute showers every day. Since I don't want to upset them, I don't normally say anything about it.

Another thing I have to do is make a makeshift drying rack. Hubby says he is going to put up a clothes line in the backyard but until he does, I need to do something.

I hate feeling like the utility company is getting all of my spare cash. It is time to do something about it!


Maggie said...

Instaed of or in addition to the timer, you could get a low flow showerhead, although I am sure the timer is chesper.

fitcat said...

This is a bit late I know but I live in Brisbane, Australia where we're currently in a drought. The council encourages us to take four-minute showers and almost everyone I know does. The council also letter-box dropped free shower timers which really does help cut down on shower time.