Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Already?

I really haven't done much this week. Now that the girls are gone, things are so very different here. It is quiet. Things stay where I put them. We are going through a lot less food than we were with two growing teenagers in the house. It is quite an adjustment.

My laptop hard drive has a glitch in it. If hubby is unable to recover it, I will have lost all of the photos I took this summer (over 1,500), not to mention all of the other things in my "My Documents" folder. Lesson learned here - don't let photos sit on a hard drive without backup. I'm praying that this stuff is all cleared up soon.

Our water bill was $60 this month. OUCH! I think we've had a raise in rates. I will have to check that out.

Feeling very sad lately. Depression is not a pretty thing.


nancyr said...

No, depression is not easy to live with.
Is it situational, due to the girls leaving?
When you are used to company, and lots of activity, a quiet house is depressing for a while.
Just keep busy, get back on track with your activities, and put on some music, or talk radio for a while.
It would be a good time to read some good library books on frugal living, too.

LYNN said...

I'm sorry you are depressed. :( I have had my battle with it.

I just found your blog, and really like it!