Sunday, April 20, 2008

Giving It Up ... Letting Go

We're just 4 1/2 months into our 55 Week Fling. Things are going better than I ever expected. We are not counting food items given away even though I've given away A LOT of food to my mom's friend who is having financial problems and to an online friend of mine who feeds a lot of the kids in her neighborhood.

That being said, we're now at 2,657 items removed from our house. Almost all of them went via Freecycle, though a few were thrown away or sold on Craigslist.

The main thing that I've discovered in this adventure is that we honestly do not miss the items that are gone. We still have some work to do in one room of the house before starting on the garage area, attic, and hubby's shop. I can easily see us getting to an astounding 3, 008 items!

I have kept up the list of items in a spreadsheet. It is astounding to look at that list and know that I had those items in my house.

We have a lot more space now and we're actually enjoying it. It is amazing how those things work.

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