Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Already?

I have had a really bad week, with migraines and all that fun Fibro stuff. It is good to have a day where I feel ALMOST normal.

Looks like I will be getting the job I spoke about. The hours are not bad at all. Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, & Sat from 7 - 1. This will leave me plenty of time to be a Stay-at-Home wife and still work in order to pay the bills. When hubby's child support payments are over, in 5 more years, I won't have to worry about work nearly as much. It is sad to think that I essentially work to cover those payments. *No, I'm not saying we SHOULDN'T pay these. I'm merely stating that it is a large chunk of our income, more even than our house payment.*

I still need to find a routine to my days. You know like the old times when women did laundry on Monday and ironing on Tuesday, etc.? I really would like to find a routine.

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