Friday, December 12, 2008

Yuletide Gifting

I wanted to share a child's gift that Hubby made this year.

I requested a child's toy that is something of quality. I wanted something a young boy or girl could play with, use their imagination, and have for a long time. It needed to be sturdy and work without batteries, flashing lights, or noise. While watching Matty play, I realized that blocks might be well suited for all ages of children. This is a gift that can be added to, should another person be so inclined.

Hubby made a set of really nice blocks in two sizes. There are some that are stained and others are just covered in a sealant. The first set of 4 needed for this year has been made. I guess the true test will be seeing what the young recipient thinks of them.

We're doing quite well with the home made gifts this year. I'm grateful that I have the supplies for much of my crafting available to me here so the cost is much less than it could be. After work today, I need to finish up some gifts that I'm making and plan out some baked goodies that I can give to the menfolk who I don't know well enough to buy for. Everyone likes food right? ;)

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