Thursday, October 29, 2009


My life has certainly changed quite a bit since I started this blog. I know I've been less than faithful with my posts and that is something I plan to change.

Starting November 1, I am going to be starting a challenge. I've been inspired by Thirty A Week. Hubby & I don't have access to a co-op. In fact, our groceries, for the most part have to come from an expensive neighborhood store (Kroger), the evil empire (Wal-hell) where we refuse to shop, or I have to drive 15 miles to a discount grocery (Aldi). Locally we do have a Save-A-Lot but it is individually owned so their prices are not great.

The first month or so, my goal is to get our food budget down to $25 per week. This is insane but we have a lot of food already in the house that needs to be used. Of course, we won't have as many fresh veggies on this money but it will get the things we need.

I would put this budget at $25 per week but we live in a state which taxes groceries. Our state sales tax is 9.75%.

Our main nemesis is eating out. I won't say we will never eat out, but I will say we'll save it for the weekends when we can properly enjoy it.

Watch this space for recipes, lists, and ideas

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