Monday, June 12, 2006

Yard Sale Finds

On Saturday, Hubby & I went yard-saling for free. That’s right; the money we spent was not a part of our budget. It was a glorious thing.

You see, Friday evening, a friend called and needed his air conditioning fixed. Hubby went out at 11:30 p.m. and fixed the problem. He charged $65 for going out and $5 for the part. Not a bad deal considering the friend’s landlord (aka in-laws) will be paying the bill for him. That money became our yard sale cash.

At sale #1, Hubby found some nice fabric. I found a picture frame. For $20, we got tons of fabric and my frame. Hubby sold one roll of the fabric for $20 to a friend.

We ended up getting 2 pairs of Old Navy & 1 pair of Tommy jeans for me ($3 total), a pair of shorts & 2 pairs of pj pants ($1.50), a picture frame, a scarf, and a nice summer weight quilt ($6), 2 books that each contained 4 books ($1), Smart Girls by Judy Blume (50cents), a toaster oven for me to use while baking polymer clay ($2.50), and a few other odds and ends. We felt that we were done. We were heading home. The street just before ours had a sale. We stopped, more to show community comradery than anything else. This sale was where we hit the mother lode!

Hubby found 8 pairs of jeans and 6 pairs of shorts – all name brands (mainly Old Navy and a few Levi). I also found a dress for my sister, a shirt for me, a set of nice heavy weight blue glasses, a board game for my mom, and a Barbie anniversary style clock for mom. Total spent was $10.75! Hubby wears a common size (32x30) so clothes are sometimes hard to find. We were thrilled to be so lucky at this sale. It allowed us to clean out his closet and set up a big lot of his clothing items to sell. These are currently listed on our local Yahoo Yard Sale group. If they don’t sell, I will donate them to Goodwill for the tax credit.

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