Friday, June 08, 2007

The Congressional Food Stamp Challenge

I found out about this via a link today on the Hillbilly Housewife website. I must say that I am quite amused by the whole thing. Who would have thought that the amount of money I spend on groceries each week would be considered a hardship? We routinely spend around $85 per month at Aldi and $50 on Angel Food each month. I do have a few local runs to Save-a-lot for milk but we still keep our budget under $150 for the month. $3 per person per day would average out to $91.25 per person, per month or $182.50 for a family of 2. We don't even spend that much when we have the children here for the summers and they eat quite a bit!

I guess that just goes to show you that perspective is everything. I don't see myself as "poor" or as being "below the poverty level". I suppose one might say that we are since our typical take home right now per month is $2,300 per month (after child support and with my unemployment calculated in). We are not rich people but we have nice things, a nice house, and are happy. What more could a person want?

I think we may add the "Food Stamp Challenge" to our LOL in that we will try to keep our food budget to $182.50 or less per month for a family of 4.


Frugal Disney Mom said...

Being on food stamps is not amusing. I have been there and let me tell you it is not as easy as so many people thing. One thing most people who judge the food stamp challenge that the Governor did, does not realize that alot of people on food stamps are not taught how to shop, to use coupons or to watch store sales. They are handed a card and sent on their way to feed their families. Many families who get food stamps do not have the resources of computers to learn about frugal living. Yes books are at the library but does the goverment promote frugal living. Nope. So if you have not been on food stamps, please do not think it is so easy to feed your family. You have the tools (knowledge) to look at coupons and sale ads.

nancyr said...

I know that Social Services has pamphlets, on how to eat economically, and there are lots of recources besides computers to learn how to shop and prepare food economically.
It isn't rocket science to know that pre-made jello, pudding, convenience foods, soda, etc. isn't a good choice when your budget is limited.
I fed three people (adults) on $25.00 a week (not each, total) for the past six years. I have more income now, so I spend a little more, but not a lot more.
I also think it is amusing that wealthy politicians think it is virtually impossible to eat well on the food stamp allowance.

Frugal Disney Mom said...

Hey Nancy if they don't hand them out how are people suppose to know. You seem to have the same attitude as many do that have never been on food stamps.

nancyr said...

I don't know if the state, in which you live, hands out the pamphlets, but mine does. Also there are agencies, for low income people in my town, that have free workshops on low cost meal planning. State universities have many pamphlets through the Extension Programs. There is also the library. Why do you assume I have never been on food stamps?