Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey!

Hubby is working a bit of overtime today and once he is done working he will stop at a grocer's in the neighboring big city to pick up a turkey and sweet potatoes. The regular chain here in this area has turkeys for 59 cents per pound. This "fancy" store where hubby is going has them for 39 cents per pound. Needless to say we are getting turkey at the "fancy" store.

Generally we will buy two or three turkeys each year. Heck, at 39 cents per pound, we cannot beat the price. We cook one now and freeze the rest. We will, of course, have tons of leftovers from the first bird for the usual array of foods including carcas soup. Some will be frozen for later.

In the spring we like to smoke a bird and have tons more meat for yummy things.

By doing this we can save a lot on our food budget. Last year we did not have the money to get extra bird. I'm grateful that we can do that now!


Crystal said...

Mmmm, turkey all year round sounds fabulous. :) Love the name of your blog, by the way.

Mom2fur said...

I bought one twelve-pounder for future use, since I don't do Thanksgiving--it's my sil's holiday. (And boy, did we pig out yesterday!)
If I could find turkey at 39 cents a pound, I'd stuff the freezer with them. Wow!