Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Holidays Will be Here Soon!

I feel a sense of shock when I realize that the year is nearly over!

My birthday was a quiet affair this year. No presents from immediate family but that was expected. My mom bought me bras which was my request. We got a great deal at Lane Bryant by combining coupons. We each got 3 new bras and only spent $66, that makes them $10 each plus tax!

A friend made me a faerie house. It was so thoughtful of her, especially since their finances are shaky at the moment (more so than most I'm afraid).

I'm thinking forward to the holidays now. This year I have many more people that I wish to honor in a small way so I'm looking for items we can make that won't break the bank.

Hubby is making blocks for the young children in our lives. The two sets will cost less than $8 and will be a gift that will last a long time.

I am thinking of making some sweets to be given out in paper bags decorated with holiday decorations painted on them. This is festive without breaking the bank.

Hubby and I are doing stocking items only for each other this year. The girls (14, 16, 19) will get their piece of silver jewelry that I purchase each holiday. I also plan to make the 19 year old a special cookbook of her favorite comfort foods that her father & I have made over the years. Since the children are at their mother's house and don't have much contact with us, we are not planning to have tons of stuff for them. Even if we buy them gifts, their mom does not allow them to take the gifts home (or has not in the past) so we're better off saving our precious funds for other endeavors.

If you have any holiday gift ideas, post them here or post a link to your blog if they're posted there. Thank you!

I need to get my list started so I can get gifts made and wrapped and stored.

In other news, my "55 Week Fling" is still going on. I've managed to eliminate over 4,200 items from our home, not including food products given to families in need or paper clutter we've sorted and disposed of. I loved keeping a list this year because it allows me to feel so accomplished. I will be doing this in 2009 as well.

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