Monday, January 19, 2009

Upcycled Photo Tutorial

What do you do with the boxes of pictures nobody wants? Not the family heirlooms but the more recent pictures with funny faces or blurry shots. I found a large bunch of these in the trash recently and wanted to find a use for them. After searching the internet for ideas, I came up nearly empty handed. I say nearly because a friend directed me to a site. This person modified her pictures but kept some of the background. For my images I did not want to see the background so I made up the rules as I went along.

This is my first tutorial so bear with me.

Start with a picture you want to modify, a tray of water, and a piece of sandpaper.

Leave the picture in water for just about one minute. This softens up the inks.

Use the sandpaper to roughen up the photo. In this example, I sanded quite a bit leaving just the underlayer of colors. I have also done some where I left some of the picture visible.

Wipe off the goo left from the removed colors. You may want to dip it back in the water to clear it off a bit so you can see if you want to sand it again.

Gather your supplies for decorating the picture. Bleach is nice for bleaching out bits. What I forgot to photograph was the automatic lead pencil that I used for doodling on the picture. It is one of those with the metal tip. I used it without lead so I was actually scraping off the paint. Alternatively you can scratch into the picture itself.

Spread on the first layer of paint. I ended up wiping off much of the black for the finished example.

Layer the second layer of paint. I chose a dark red color.

Blot away the excess paint. I don't use paper towels so I blotted with an old flannel rag.

Get creative! You can add as much or as little detail as you like.

Another example. This one has "love" etched into the back. I left this one in more of a rough state.


BunnyKissd said...

AWESOME! I am so linking to this from my other blog if you don't mind...?

Jacqueline Parks said...

This is really cool! :D

Kali said...

Go for it Bunny. Glad to be of service.

Caelista said...

Me too! Thanks for posting it. :-)