Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homemade Gifts - Hair Pins

One of the areas where most people can cinch their wallet strings is on gifts. My goal is to make smaller 'stocking stuffer' type gifts as time allows throughout the year so that I'm not stressed in November (or December!) making or *gasp* buying gifts.

This is a very simple project. I think that it would be a great one to do with a young girl so she can make gifts for her friends as well.

Supplies needed:

  • Buttons - anything from dressy to cartoons are available at most mass market stores. Or you can do like I did and use up a stash you inherited.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bobby pins
If your buttons have a loop on the back, remove it with pliers. Then it is as simple as adding glue to the back of the button and sticking the top of the bobby pin in the glue.

Be sure that you remove the excess glue 'strings' from the front of your pins. I did not remember to do this until after I took the photo. Ooops.

This particular craft cost me very little. I have a small glue gun (dollar store type) & bag of glue sticks on hand. If I'd had to buy them, I'd have $2.25 invested in them.

The buttons I have come from a huge lot that I got from Freecycle a few years ago. I have tons of "character" types available. If purchased, they run about $2.00 per card of 4.

The bobby pins are about 2 cents each.

This means that a set of two could run about $1.10 or so.

Another option is to use regular buttons and put colorful thread through the holes before gluing.

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