Sunday, July 01, 2012

Life as we know it.

Money is finally flowing into our home once again.  Having regular paychecks will allow us to budget and keep ourselves afloat.

I have been looking at where money goes.  I am most amazed by the areas where we don't spend money.  We don't pay for cable/satellite television.  We don't go to fancy restaurants.  I don't spend a small fortune on crafty items.  Jer does not have all of the latest xbox games.

Even without these items we are happy.  We have internet access, netflix, and lots of free music & games online.  We have a nice house, good food, and a lot of love.  We're far from suffering.

We have a long couple of months ahead of us.  We have to dig ourselves out of the pit that is debt.  If I start to complain about the lack of funds, remind me that we really have it pretty good.

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