Friday, April 28, 2006

Spending to Save

Yesterday, my husband and I wanted to spend the day together. The first thing that came to mind was the zoo. Neither of us had been to our local zoo in years and we were anxious to see the changes.

The price for one adult ticket was $15. Parking cost $3. This means that the one day excursion would cost a minimum of $33.

Since we both love going to the zoo when we lived down south and knew that we would go more often if cost were not an issue, my husband decided to get a family pass. For $79 we get (the two of us and up to 4 children) for the year. It includes parking and a 15% discount at the shops (which I doubt we will use). If we go to the zoo 3 times per year, it will cost $99. By getting the $79 pass, we saved money.

We love going to the zoo and watching the cats or walking around. Now that we have a pass, it would not be uncommon for us to have a monthly or bi-monthly zoo excursion!

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