Friday, December 21, 2007

Project 55 Week Fling is Underway!

I have my items for this week all gathered up. Funny how you can't just stop at 7 items.

1. Set of lantern style lights
2 - 6. 5 small picture frames
7. New Drink koozie
8. New set of markers
9 - 12. 4 dragon statues
13 - 14. 2 dragon frames
15. Dream Kit (a new item purchased a while ago. will be used as a gift
16 - 17. 2 bunny pot hangers

So 17 items out of the house this week. I call that a successful week. Photos coming as soon as I locate the camera cord.


Taphophile said...

Well done! It is hard to stop at 7, but that's the great thing - You can be happy with 7, but if you blitz it; that's a bonus. 7 things is completely do-able.

nancyr said...

Have you considered taking some of the things to Goodwill and then taking a tax deduction for them.
You can deduct what they would sell them for.