Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ridding My Life of Stuff

Hubby thought my idea of removing 2,008 items from 12/1/07 - 12/31/08 was too lofty of a goal. He thought a more realistic goal of 208 items may be better. I agreed, knowing that if surpassed, the goal could be adjusted.

And with that, we began December and I started purging.

Here we are, 12 days into the month and already I've met the goal. In fact, I have surpassed it. I will be honest here and say that I was clearing out a room and got rid of a lot of items that the children had outgrown or had never used. I thought it was important for another child to have a happy holiday season and donated items to both a friend of my mom's and to families on our local freecycle board.

Without further adieu, I give you my list.

Item Number Description To
15 Elmo Collection Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
4 Clown pics Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 Baker's Rack Freecycle
1 Stationery Kit Freecycle
1 monkey beaded curtain Freecycle
1 Yamaha Recorder Freecycle
1 Kid toy Freecycle
1 Spinning circle disk Freecycle
1 Sunglasses Freecycle
1 Sunglass cord Freecycle
1 Perfume Freecycle
1 passie Freecycle
20 baby clothes Freecycle
1 Lunch Bag Freecycle
1 Set of Checkers Freecycle
3 Books on CD Freecycle
1 log for internet Freecycle
1 key chain Freecycle
1 kid toy keychain Freecycle
2 small jewerly box Freecycle
1 travel alarm clock Freecycle
1 butterfly necklace Freecycle
2 toe ring Freecycle
1 digital organizer Freecycle
1 Reading glasses Freecycle
1 Glasses Case Freecycle
1 Sunglasses Freecycle
1 Bug massager Freecycle
1 heart lock Freecycle
1 monkey beaded curtain Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 frog beaded curtain Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 jacobs ladder Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 mokey full of hair bands Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 gel pen jounal Freecycle
1 set of kids paints Freecycle
1 Ello Kids Set Mom's Friend Nora's Gkids
1 Set of fuzzy dice Freecycle
1 LOTR Collector Set Freecycle
1 candle & holder Freecycle
1 candle & holder Freecycle
1 picture frame Freecycle
1 black paper notepad Freecycle
1 set of headphones Kit
1 FLUKE multimeter Freecycle
1 27" TV Shamron
3 puffie tail pieces Kit
1 box of mini dolls Kit
1 small bag of beads, etc Kit
1 Roly Kit Freecycle
1 Stuffed Raccoon Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 Gift Box Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 ottoman (air filled) Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 Cabbage Patch Kid Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 wine glass w/candle Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
3 bath products Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 large batch of hair ties Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
2 posters Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
3 stuffed animals Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
3 books Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
2 paintable drums Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
4 hat Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
2 misc dolls Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 set of hair clips Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 heart box Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
1 set of baby doll clothes Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
2 Coloring posters Bobbie Sue - Freecycle
6 sweatshirts Russ & Beth
5 Nice Sweaters Freecycle
6 pairs of shoes Freecycle
1 Scientific Calculator Freecycle
50 Books (or more) Kayla
1 Mushroom Chair Kit
6 pairs of pants Cheryl - Freecycle
3 pairs of capris Cheryl - Freecycle
4 pairs of shorts Cheryl - Freecycle
1 skirt Cheryl - Freecycle
14 Shirts Cheryl - Freecycle

This totals 218 items!!!

I found, via a reader, the "7 Things" Project. I am going to be looking into that today. It may be a nicer way to go about this. Who knows, perhaps I could start my own project - "The Ten Things Project" because I love a challenge!


Autumn said...

Good for you. I need to give away about a zillion things. Never enough hours in the day to even think of a list..Maybe for 2008 I will get something organized

Amy said...

Great job! I think this is a wonderful idea and I am trying to do something similar, just haven't set a number goal for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!