Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some People

How horrible is it that we live in a world where my husband can be working in a gated community, with his work van in the driveway, and have his van broken into and his Tom-Tom stolen?

My beloved husband needs this to navigate his way around town so we will be forced to buy a new one. I'm crushed though as money for this sort of item just is not in the budget. I'm grateful that my dad is going to allow hubby to borrow his TomTom indefinately. I just hope we can find the money for a new one soon.

Even worse, he waited 45 minutes for the police who NEVER showed up. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit bitter right now. However, I'm going to look at the bright side and be happy that his DVD player & MP3 player were both left untouched in the vehicle.


BunnyKissd said...

Within a gated community? And the police never came??? That's just wrong...

Kelly said...

Oh that blows.

Just wondering, for the small-town folk like me, what a Tom-Tom is?

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I love visitors!

Kali said...

Kelly, I'm small-town folk too which is why Tom-Tom is necessary! It is a GPS system (brand name) that has extensive maps for turn by turn directions.

Hubby works in the big city (Memphis) and we live about 30 minutes to the north. :)

Kelly said...

Oh I see! I was picturing this: