Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dinner Pricing - Monday & Tuesday 11/30 & 12/1

Hubby & I spent the weekend at a friend’s home. We brought some things to her house to eat so that she would not be footing the bill for our food. We took about $15 worth of stuff with us including apples, turkey, cheese, bread, and some other things like chips and granola bars. Had we been at home, we would not have gone through that much stuff, however, we wanted to be good guests. We left the rest of the food with the hostess as a thank you.

Monday night’s dinner was a simple affair of remade leftovers. We had turkey bites – bits of turkey cut into thin strips and dipped into barbecue sauce and ranch/Frank’s Red Hott dip. This was mainly food for my husband. I had a few of the turkey pieces but mainly I ate some leftover pasta topped with a tablespoon of butter & a small amount of shredded cheese.

Turkey – Free (from other meals)

Barbecue sauce, Frank’s Red Hott, & ranch dressing – 50 cents

Elbow macaroni – Free (from other meals)

Butter – 6 cents

Shredded cheese – Free (hubby’s gift certificate from work)

Total = 56 cents

Tuesday’s dinner was not nearly as cheap. We had spaghetti and jar sauce.

Spaghetti (1/2 a package) = 55 cents

Prego Spaghetti Sauce (on sale at Kroger) = $1.10

6 slices of bread = Free (hubby’s gift certificate from work) – good use of stale bread

Shredded cheese – Free (hubby’s gift certificate from work)

Garlic & Brummels & Brown margarine = 35 cents

Total = $2.00

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