Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's For Dinner - Tuesday & Wednesday December 8 & 9, 2009

Let me preface this by saying that our meals this week have not exactly been well rounded. Hubby is working and I’m battling some personal issues so our meals are piecemeal at best.

Tuesday evening we had grilled cheese sandwiches.

Bread = 43 cents
Cheese = FREE (my mom bought Kraft singles but did not like them)
TOTAL = 43 cents

I need to add here that I had hubby go buy me a Bolthouse Green Goodness drink because I was feeling a little bit veggie deprived. This was $3.25 and will be added to our weekly total.

Wednesday we had soft tacos since I had seasoned cooked ground beef already in the freezer.

Ground Chuck & onion $1.39
Refried Beans – 1 can = 75 cents
Taco seasoning mix = 33 cents
Tortillas = 77 cents
Cheese = 41 cents
Salsa = 15 cents
Frank’s Red Hott & Sour Cream = 50 cents
TOTAL = $4.30


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