Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lean Times Ahead

On Friday, I lost my job. Basically, after 2 years on the job, they say that I don't fit in well enough. We personally think that because I was diagnosed with Fibro, they decided to cut their losses as soon as possibly. Whatever the reason, I'm currently without an income.

I'm heading to the unemployment office on Monday. After that, Hubby has asked me to take a little time off. He would like for me to find a job from home. I have to look into this further. I have found a few legitimate places that are incoming call centers. I'd love doing something like typing or accounting or something from home. Who knows, I could just be dreaming.

Any suggestions that you may have on ways to make money from home would be greatly appreciated.

I'll post about my yard sale finds tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

glWelcome to my world. I was let go for the second. First time was a lay off and second time was a "You don't fit the job" I am okay with unemployment but only have 5 months so I need to find a job. I will begin looking on Monday. I do a lot of frugal things and you will learn even more ways to cut back.

Check out my blog for some of the bargains that I have done.