Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Summer Vacation

The schools in our county get out on Thursday for summer vacation. This means that beginning on Friday, I will start watching Neighbor Girl, KK. She really is a sweet girl and is well behaved when she is at my house so watching her should not be that difficult.

We are going to spend 1 hour per day on reading and 1/2 and hour per day on math. KK is an extremely bright girl who gets into a hurry on her work so we're going to work on math to make sure that she remembers to slow down and actually DO it. As far as reading goes, I firmly believe in having children read during the summer. When Hubby's girls would spend the summer here, they were required to read daily. This helped them to gain confidence in reading.

Other that that, KK will probably want to spend time in the pool and on crafts. She is a great kid and having her here will keep me busy for sure.

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Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

You didn't say how old she is. ..

I've been thinking of instituting something with my kiddos (3 1/2 and 6) this summer. I think that I'm going to have each "day" of the week be a specific activity. For example maybe mondays will be computer day (we usually don't let them play games on the computer), tues could be craft day, wed could be "field trip" day (park, museum, farm etc) Thurs music day (sing songs etc) or something like that. Not that we would spend all day doing that, we will have plenty of time where I'm getting stuff done and they are busy playing, but that way there would be some structure to the summer and they would have one activity specifically to look forward to each day.

Just something I'm kicking around.

Also, with the reading check with your library and see if they offer any kind of summer reading program where the kids get prizes for reading a certian number of books over the summer. They may also have daytime activities and crafts etc for free at your local library that you two could go to.