Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Staying Home

I've been enjoying my time at home. Hubby and I are eating better meals made at home, rather than dashing out or eating quick stuff. I've re-discovered the joy of cooking (Hubby usually cooks since he does a quicker job of it).

I have been searching out work-from-home opportunities and I found a site today that matches up the disabled or have a chronic illness with work-from-home employers. I don't what will come of it but I am hopeful.

In the meantime, I am getting unemployment so we will be able to get by. I also have a small part-time job babysitting my neighbor's daughter this summer. It won't put me above the amount to affect my unemployment but will give me a little extra.

I'm also selling things on our local For-Sale type websites. So far I've made $35 by selling some too small clothing and a science encyclopedia. I plan to get Hubby to drag some stuff from the attic this weekend so I can continue to post and sell.

I am of the belief that every little bit helps. Even $2 or $3 can add up!

Up next, I plan to post about the FREE food we got this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I have been doing the same thing. I made $23.00 last week. So far this week I should make $15.00. I can not believe no one wants the Ipod I have up for sale.

Anonymous said...

vsJust to let you know if your neighbor is not claiming the babysitting on her taxes. You do not have to claim it on unemployment.

Kali said...

Even if I did claim this on unemployment, it would not affect my claim as it is under $75. I'm not going to claim it though. :)