Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Works for Me: Chopsticks

While making tea in a recycled juice container, I use a funnel to put in the sugar. Sometimes, the sugar sticks. When this happens, I pull out the handy chopsticks from a trip to a Chinese restaurant. (I keep a few of these in a container on my windowsill.) They are the perfect size to get the sugar going through the funnel again!

These chopsticks are used for everything except eating in our house. The kids paint them with nail polish and make them into hair sticks. I use them to turn a tube of fabric inside out. We stir craft paint or glue with them.

The next time you get "disposable" chopsticks, think of all of the great uses for them!

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Frugal Disney Mom said...

I want to make a pair of hair sticks, but I have to get chopsticks. I wonder if I walked past a chinese place if they would give me a pack?

ellen b. said...

:) Very clever. Thanks for sharing...