Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Popular Items at Yard Sales

I’m always amazed when I find last holiday season’s “Itsoawesomegottohaveit” items at my local yard sales.

A few years back, it was those water-filled baby dolls dressed as Winnie the Pooh characters. Oldest child, Anna, wanted one and practically begged when they were in the store. We didn’t succumb to the madness and were surprised to find one with all of the parts for 50 cents at a yard sale. Conveniently it was the Tigger one which Anna had so desired. We ended up getting the Eeyore one for $2 at Goodwill. Anna had 2 of the most sought after dolls for little money.

Last year it was those furry pets that you feed with a bottle and it purrs. Youngest child, Celeste, really wanted the cat. We heard the pleading cries for months. We found one for $1 at a yard sale.

We have tried to train the kidlets in the right way. Especially since they are with us only part time and their mom likes to shop and spent a lot of money on frivolous things. One way that we show them is by taking them to yard sales. We show them what the name brand items that they are longing for will sell for. We also take them to the mall for a bit of “Sticker Shock”. After looking around in one of the large chain stores in the mall, the kids are more than willing to wear Gap and Ambercrombe and Old Navy items from a yard sale. $1 or less for a pair of jeans is better than the $50 and up that the same brand goes for at the mall. We give them each a set amount of money before we leave. They can spend it at yard sales or at the mall. The choice is up to them. Though to be honest, I cannot remember the last time the kids bought something from a “mall store” while with us.

The same, however, goes for the adults in my family. Hubby & I find great things at yard sales. This weekend, we found paper boxes for cheap. I got 2 large round, 2 medium round, 1 small heart, and 1 small hexagon for $1. The large round one is $2 at the store. I paint these as gifts for friends & family.

Hubby wanted to start working out. We found a TotalGym system for $20. It was in new condition and just needed one small pin. We got a new in box Chinese wok for 25 cents and it included all of the bonus equipment. These are just a few of the great deals that we get on a regular basis. Our house is full of nice treasures that we’ve purchased in such a matter. One day soon, I should take pictures!

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