Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I am in need of a few spring/summer weight shirts. I know that I could run to the mall and get something or even run to the neighborhood Wal-Mart store and get a few shirts. The minimum I would spend would be around $8 to $10 per shirt. Instead I will stop at Salvation Army on my way home from work. I can routinely get shirts there for $3 each. This means that I can get mall quality shirts for about 45% of the retail price of a Wal-Mart shirt. I know that today is Half Price Day at my local store so I will be sure to stop today. The already low price will be lower.

Currently I have almost no cash. Our bi-weekly allotment is pretty much spent. I have in possession $9. Shall we see what sort of things I can get for that amount?

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Katy said...

I know you can find a ton of stuff for that $9.00! You've got the eye for bargains.

When you do get more money, I strongly suggest you go to Kohl's. When they have sales, they have really good ones. That's where I've gotten the latest t-shirts in my wardrobe :)