Monday, May 01, 2006

Wasted Food

Recently I had a conversation with my sister. At her place of employment, they routinely host business meetings and luncheons. After these meetings, Sister is required to clean up the banquet room. Leftover food is always available and the employees take advantage of the free lunch.

On Friday, Sister gathered the food up after everyone had eaten lunch. She tried to send some of the food home with the other employees but they refused. Rather than toss this good food (chicken wraps and nice croissant sandwiches), she packaged it up to take home. The other employees look at her funny. One even made fun of her for taking home the food. She was confused by this and brought the conversation to my attention this morning.

Why is it that people would throw away perfectly good fancy sandwiches and fruit but would hastily pick up a dollar left on the sidewalk? Sister had enough sandwiches for 3 to 4 meals plus some nice fresh fruit.

It was just natural for Sister to pick up the food, wrap it up, and bring it home. It was just as natural for the other employees to toss the food. This leads me to believe that we are raising our children to be wasteful creatures. How can we conserve if we teach our children to toss away perfectly good food?

Needless to say, this puzzles me!


Katy said...

Society as a whole is very wasteful.

Is this any different than taking a meal home in a doggy bag from a restaurant? Would you toss a steak dinner merely because you couldn't finish it?

Jenn said...

Isn't it weird how folks are about things like this. Sometimes you just have to not care what anyone else thinks!

As for me, I was the first one to ask if I could take a ham bone home from the church Easter dinner (hey, I don't embarrass easily)

Just for the record, once I asked, 2 other folks asked to have one as well :) I'm such a trend setter!