Friday, April 06, 2012


Recently I have been wanting to make more from scratch items.  I love making bread but really wanted to move beyond the bread machine and try my hand at something new.

A month ago, I started making artisian bread.  Crusty Bread Recipe  I have had good success with this bread.  I took 3 different loaves to a get together last month & everyone enjoyed them.

Tonight I tried a new (to me) recipe for yeast rolls.  Link to recipe   I wanted something somewhat simple that I could use for our big supper on Sunday.  My friend & I went to the grocery store & bought one package of Sister Schuster's Rolls.  The package was $3 and change.  I challenged myself to make something that was just as good (if not better) and for less.

I had to go back to the store for shortening (luckily just down the street and I only bought the one item!).  We just don't have that on hand.  From start to finish it was about an hour and a half maybe.  I spent much of the time on other projects and just came back periodically to check on the dough's progress.

The batch was small, just 8 rolls, so I did not feel it was a huge investment if the recipe failed.  Luckily the recipe worked well.  The 5 people present loved them.  I saved one roll for Jeremy to try tomorrow when he gets home. If he likes them, we will be making them on Sunday.

I think that the recipe cost less than a dollar.  This is a big savings over the small bag from the store.

Tomorrow I plan to try a recipe for cheesecake balls.  I thought they might make a yummy spring time dessert.

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