Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yard Sale Finds 04-14-12

Today we went to just a few sales.  I was feeling ill (getting used to new medications) so we cut our outing short. However I did manage to snag a few things.

I budget $20 for yard sales.  I also take change along with me.  The change is "free" money in our budget (we round up to the whole dollar) so it is like getting things totally for free!  Today I spent $3.75 in change and this is what I got.

The basket & Wii game combined cost me $3.  The note paper cube (gift item) & the witch pin cost just $0.75.

When I got the basket, it was missing one handle & was dirty.  I removed the other handle & washed the fabric insert before putting it back together.  It turned out quite nice.

Did you go to garage/yard/boot sales today?  If so, what bargains did you get?

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Karen McLaughlin said...

Hi Kali, thanks for stopping by my blog! Checking out your finds makes me anxious for yard sale season to begin in earnest here - should be soon given the weather's getting reasonable.