Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Low-Cost Outfit

Today I am wearing:

Sage green v-neck tee (Faded Glory) (I saw these same shirts at the store in the fall for around $12) - $0.50
Capri jeans (Carolina Blues) - $2
Slide on tennis shoes (No Boundaries) – Free (found by hubby)

This outfit could have easily been purchased at my neighborhood wallyworld for $45 or so, including the shoes. Instead I spent $2.50 on the whole ensemble. Go me!

I am trying to get to the point where 100% of my clothing comes from thrift stores, yard sales, or the like. Right now I’m at about 90%. My two pairs of jeans came from Target. However, I did not just go out and buy them. I exhausted all efforts to get them from other sources. All of my other jeans were too big (falling off – with a belt). I bought mid-priced, high quality jeans from Target knowing that my jeans always last about 4 to 5 years and should I lose weight, they would easily resell.

Incidentally, I sold one bag of my too big jeans for $10 and donated another big bag to my mom. I am always tickled to get the same amount out of the item as I put into it at a thrift store years before. It is like I essentially got to wear it for free!

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