Monday, March 26, 2007

Pixie Wardrobe

Today I’m wearing a ¾ length sleeve shirt (very thin) in an off white color, light lime colored capri pants, and sandals. The shirt was free, the capri pants cost $1 at a yard sale, and the sandals were one of the two pairs I bought this week for $9. Total, the outfit, with shoes, without undergarments cost $10. This is higher than a lot of mine because I usually have inexpensive shoes.

The sandals were bought in brown and black. They are flip flop styles with little beads sewn on them. They were inexpensive but dressy enough for work. Had I not gotten these, I would not have had suitable shoes to wear with my 4 “new” pairs of capri pants that I bought for this summer’s work wardrobe.

Last year, in October I found a lot of clothing on one of the local online garage sale sites. For $7, I got 3 pairs of capri pants, a pair of dress slacks for work, and a few other items. It ended up costing less that $1 per item so I was happy. I put them up in a storage tote and just pulled them out again this week. The temps are in the mid-80’s so it is definitely capri season!

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