Friday, March 23, 2007

Fitting In – Or Not

This is a question for those of you who work outside of the home. Do you ever feel a need to tune out the conversations around you? Are you ever just appalled by the things people spend their hard earned money on?

One person I work with went shopping and found a pair of $69 sandals that she plans to purchase soon. Another was talking about the drinks she gets each day at Starbucks. They all go out to lunch on a daily basis. A third talks about all of the shoes she owns – over 100 pairs and how each pair matches a particular outfit.

Today I went out for lunch. It was a co-worker’s birthday and the company paid for our lunch. The only time I ever go out to lunch is when it is a situation like this. Quite honestly, I can think of hundreds of other things I would rather spend money on! My lunch was a burrito ($8.99) and lemonade ($1.99). While yes, the food was very tasty, I could not help thinking about how that one meal with tip was ¼ of our weekly grocery budget! Add in the food items for the entire party of 4 and you’ve got my grocery budget for a week or two. That is crazy!

The conversations at lunch were interesting as well.

One person commented that a particular restaurant was nice. Two meals and drinks costs over $100! $100 for dinner? For two people? Talk about a culture shock!

The there was the comment about Costco and how they are better than Sam’s because they take credit cards. The products bought there: paper plates, paper towels, and other convenience items that are not necessary or earth friendly. This person’s wife is a stay at home mom. What do they need all the convenience items for?

I guess I do not fit in at work. My goals for life, my values, and everything make me different from those around me. Sometimes it is easier just to put on my headphones and tune them out!


~Dawn said...

I feel for you. Sometimes it just seems like we are the oddball.
Don't give up, over time you may just influence them in a more frugal direction :D

Alexandra said...

I'm afraid I frittered away more than I'd like to admit while working. :(