Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thrifty Spring Cleaning

Today I want to air out the house a bit and get some Spring Cleaning underway. Here in the Mid-south we are having unseasonably warm weather. Today is supposed to get to 84 degrees! I refuse to start using the air conditioning this early in the season. I have been using the ceiling fans and an additional squirrel cage fan that hubby uses at work in the hottest part of the afternoon. Since the morning hours are generally the coolest, I think I will take advantage of that. I want to work on the living room and the master bedroom today. De-cluttering, dusting (oh my allergies), and generally tiddying shall commence soon - with lots of breaks of course. Having a chronic illness puts a damper on doing lots of strenuous activities. Oh well, even if it takes me all day long, at least it will be done!

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Mom2fur said...

Good luck with your spring cleaning! I hope the allergies aren't too bad, LOL!