Thursday, March 22, 2007

Free Food

I brought my lunch to work on Wednesday and it is still sitting in the fridge here at work. No, I’m not on a fad diet; quite the opposite actually. The officers here at work have had meeting this week. When they have leftovers, they are put into the break room for everyone to enjoy. Yesterday, I had a really nice egg, sausage, & cheese concoction on a flatbread. There were enough of those left for me to take a few home for dinner last night. Today, I had a bacon, eggs, and cheese croissant and fresh strawberries and pineapple chunks.

Some of the people here turn up their noses at the food because it is “leftovers”. I guess I’m of the mindset that if I do not have to eat the lunch I brought today it will be good tomorrow. I don’t snub freebies as long as they are properly contained. Free is free after all!

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Maggie said...

Sounds good to me. I use to work in catering and miss all the leftovers. We usually made more then we ended up putting out and often had last minute cancellations. I miss the free food.