Friday, March 30, 2007

Changing Your Way of Thinking

This morning, I went to the closet to pick out my clothes for the day. It is "jeans day" at work so the bottoms were a given since I only own two pairs of jeans and they are both identical! It took me a few minutes to find a shirt. I had several to choose from but I thought “no, I wore that one last week”. Automatically my thought was “okay, I need to get some more shirts”. I looked in my closet which is overflowing with various shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. and came to a realization.

I do not NEED to buy any more clothes.

Unfortunately, this is the typical way of thinking in the world today. We feel that we need more than X number of shirts or skirts or pants because it is proper to wear something different for X number of days. While yes, I’m going to stick with wearing something different every day in a single week, I’m not going to allow myself to think that just because I wore a particularly nice orange colored shirt last Thursday that I cannot wear it this Friday. That is just crazy!

After giving myself a metal talking to, I went ahead and wore the nice orange shirt to work today. I have nice clothes. I will wear them and wear them proudly.

I did decide that I will be going through all of our clothing this week, mending and putting up winter items, and determining what additional things I will need to look for this summer at yard sales. While I’m at it, I will try to eliminate some of the excess in the closets.


Maggie said...

I want to make a nice garage sale list to, I just pulled alot out of my closet and I am looking forward to finding some nice things this garage sale season.

~Dawn said...

I am big on wearing the same outfit for a good 2-3 days and frankly I don't give a care if they think I wore it a day before.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound mean. I have gotten frustrated over the span of my short life with people worrying about what I wear. As long as I smell fine and look clean.... :D

Kali said...

Because I work in the corporate business world, I won't repeat my clothing in the same week. However, this does not mean I wash it each time I wear it. I wear outfits 2 - 3 times prior to washing, depending upon how much I've actually done and or perspired that day!


Mom2fur said...

A week is plenty of time between wearings of a garment, LOL! I don't think anyone's keeping track. I'm with long as you're neat and clean, what else matters?