Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Building, Learning, And Earning

This weekend, my husband took the time to build a very sturdy set of shelves. The only out of pocket cost was for the 2 x 4’s. The other materials were items that we had on hand. These shelves are very sturdy and are much like those used in factory settings. He made them large enough so that each of the 3 shelves will hold 6 of the large plastic storage totes. The bottom shelf will actually house the big sized tools (shop vac, etc.). This will allow us to store all of our camping equipment, car repair/car wash items, tools, etc. on our screened in patio rather than outside in his sheet metal shop. By moving the items to the patio area, the shop is then opened up so that Hubby can once again work on his side business making medieval styled armour for sale.

We did not have enough totes to hold all of the miscellaneous items so Hubby ran to the store to get some. Our neighbor saw him unloading the totes and offered to give us as many spares as we needed. What a blessing! We were able to return the 6 totes and get our money back! This serves to remind me that I should always ask around before making a purchase. These totes technically could have waited until we could get them second hand. We need to remember to be patient and wait for things to come to us.

Thanks to a side job that Hubby did yesterday we have the money for our taxes without having to dip into savings. This is a blessing because we just had to pull $1100 out for property taxes last month. This left us with a very small balance that we’re trying to grow once again.

We also have enough left over to do a little home improvement. Hubby would like to do some pea gravel paths in our yard. It will beautify our little piece of land without having to re-sod the grass. Grass really does not like to grow in our front yard. We put in a front garden last year that spans a large portion in front of our house. Since we used herbs in this garden, 95% of it is coming back beautifully. I love the look of a somewhat wild garden!

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Kim C. said...

Do you have any photos of your shelves?
We just finished a similar project, building shelves under our house suspended from the beams. Like yours, our shelves used 2x4's, though I did spring for some 1/2" plywood since it was a surprise project for hubby's birthday.