Monday, April 09, 2007

Super Special Day

Hubby & I have a Super Special Day coming up. I'm so excited that I must share.

One of my favorite musicians of all times is Loreena McKennit. You can visit her at her webpage which is I never thought she would tour again, much less in the United States. Hubby and I always agreed that should she perform anywhere near us, we would do our best to attend.

Lo and behold, Loreena McKennit is touring Europe and the US to promote her newest album. She is coming to Nashville on April 27th and is playing the Ryman Auditorium! I found out about it before tickets went on sale to the public. As a member of her e-newsletter, I was able to order tickets in advance. We're sitting 4th row center. We feel so lucky!

Anyway, the Super Speical Day is really two days. We're going to Nashville early and plan to have a nice late lunch. We've reserved a lower priced hotel room about 12 miles away ($59 as opposed to $189 closer to downtown). We would like to find something fun to do Friday during the day and possibly even Saturday morning. We love thrift shopping, flea markets, yard sales, etc. We're not really "mall people" so to speak. I thought we may go to the zoo or something.

If anybody has suggestions, please share them!

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