Monday, April 02, 2007

Need Suggestions

On Sunday, my parents are coming over for lunch. It is a combination easter and birthday dinner (my mom's birthday was April 1st). I have also invited my neighbor and her two children to come over.

I want to cook a good, low cost meal. It does not need to be traditional easter fare, just good home cooking. I am feeding 5 adults and 2 kids. Please give me any and all suggestions!!!


Maggie said...

How about a quiche and a salad with maybe some french bread and chocolate chip cookies or fruit?
Quiche is pretty flexible, you could do a ham and cheese, broccoli and cheese or spinach and feta. You don't need to put alot into a quiche it stretches things well.

Katy said...

Hmmm....maybe something with chicken? Homemade chicken potpie with mashed potatoes? And then cookies or pie for dessert?