Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We had company last night and of course, that ruined our budget! While I did not succumb to the “Let’s go out to sushi” request, we did go get 5 for $5 burgers from Sonic. This was, for us, a compromise. While I would love to go out for a nice sushi treat with Hubby, it would be better enjoyed on a weekend when we could linger over our meal and spend time together. A quick weekday meal would ruin the experience for me.

Tonight I’m making up another batch of pasta salad. I have all of the ingredients on hand and this makes enough for those quick weekend lunches. I probably will not serve this for dinner though since it tastes better once chilled. I think tonight potato soup from the freezer.

I need to remember to cook when I feel well enough and store the foods in the freezer. I do want to do an inventory of the freezer(s) soon so I can keep up with my cooking. I hate it when I feel I have to eat out or eat junk because I feel so horrid.

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