Thursday, April 05, 2007

Playing in the Pantry

Hubby & I did something last night that really NEEDED to be done a long time ago. We cleaned and organized the pantry. Our pantry was added into a previously empty space in the kitchen just before we moved into the house 3 years ago (we rented first then purchased). While I like having a pantry, this one is quite inconvenient for us.

I found that we had too much opened stuff. I think the company helped themselves to things and as a result, I had two bags of pretzels opened and several other duplicates. I solved this by putting them into a plastic container. All snacks are in a big plastic container.

After looking at our pantry, I realize why people say there is nothing to eat at our house. I have 3 kinds of flour, sugar, dry beans, rice, pasta, cocoa, and various other ingredients. The only pre-made things are animal crackers, graham crackers, saltines, and pretzels. There are no snack cakes or oreos or anything like that. If we want cookies, we use the raw ingredients to make them. To the untrained eye, I guess we really must be starving! *Giggle*

By cleaning the pantry, I was able to better organize things. I have put like items together and that makes it easier to see what I have on hand. This weekend, I hope to stock up on a few of the depleted items so that I have a full larder once again.

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Mom2fur said...

I've recently done the fridge and freezer, and was surprised to find some good things I'd completely forgotten about. But boy, do I sure need to do the pantry, too! My pantry is just a big linen closet. Other than soup, if you look in there you'd also think we had nothing to eat, LOL! All I have are ingredients. There must be 5 different kinds of vinegars. I love a well-stocked pantry, too. It makes life a lot easier.