Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogging for the Cure - Final Post

See the squirrel? He is praying that you will give money to support
Penny and her beautiful daughters in Relay for Life. Poor?  Even $1 can help.  Broke?  No excuse, pimp out the cause on your blog, journal, facebook, or twitter.  Money does not have to be in today.  I will be sending money myself next Friday on payday.  Maybe that will work for you too.

My posts may be over but you can still help. Payments can be made until June 7th. You can even mail your check to
Penny directly. Just send her an email and she will share her address with you. Her email address is available on her journal.

With this, I will bid you good night. Thanks to those of you who laughed, cried, and smiled along with my posts. You're the greatest. Thanks for taking a trip with me down memory lane. We've visited my Grandma Ake, Emily Bell, Granny Anne, and even my Aunt Quatzey. They all suffered from various forms of Cancer. The goal of this blog-a-thong was to do our part to eradicate the evil C from all of our lives. Thank you for your help.

The Safe way to pay online!

Relay for Life donation page

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