Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging for the Cure - Remembering Emily

Emily Bell lived across the street from us when I was 15. Her older brothers, Mike and DJ, were in the same grade I was so I saw them often. Emily was 9 years old and was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was very hard for me, watching this young girl fight and lose her battle. I don't want to focus on the sad times but rather on a happy moment.

When Em was sick, everyone did whatever they could in order to make her smile. I remember one time, she asked for a solid white kitten. Solid white, not white and black or white with a little bit of black or anything. Mom, Granny Ann and I went all over Dyersburg, Ripley, and Halls looking for this kitten. We would run off to where someone supposedly had white kittens only to find they were tan or solid black or something. Disappointment settled in and I was near tears myself when we pulled up to this house that was within Halls city limits. There we found three kittens. One was white with a tiny touch of black on his head. We decided to take him and try to convince Emily that he had been touched by a faerie or something.

We took him home and had to give him a bath. The people who had him were leaving the kittens outside and Emily needed him clean for inside her home. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found that little dark spot was nothing but grease! We found a white kitty after all!

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