Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blogging for the Cure: My Sister's Keeper, St Jude, and More!

I am 34 years old. There, I've said it. It is likely that I won't, in my lifetime, give birth to children or win the lottery or even see man living on Mars. However, it is possible that I can live to see a cure for Cancer.

Have you read the book My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult? You can read about the book/movie on Jodi Picoult's website. If you haven't, I recommend it HIGHLY. The reason I bring it up is because it is about a girl with cancer. If you're not a reader,I have the audio book available via Mega Upload . If you don't do audiobooks, that is okay too. The movie comes out on June 26th!

When I was just a little girl, I remember sitting in the living room watching the St Jude telethons and crying my eyes out. I even wrote a few poems about cancer. They were typical young kid stuff and not very good. The one thing they showed was my heart. It was in the right place. Once I convinced my mom to call the telethon line for me. Back then, the monthly donation was like $20. Mom convinced them to take a monthly donation of $5 since I was so young. For me, a kid of 8, who got an allowance of $10 a week (half went to my savings account, 10% to church), that was a lot of money! I don't remember how long I donated but I do remember the joy I felt to know I could help others.

You can help today by donating to help find a cure for Cancer.  Here are the links:


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